Leaf to Life - Diary

The key to maintaining skin health is by supporting the protein components of connective tissues – elastin, collagen and proteoglycans.

The whole process of skin regeneration must be enhanced from within rather than spending excessive resources on external skin care products (though it helps as long as we don’t use excessive chemical based products). The use of steroids to heal skin rashes and eczema will speed up the aging process.

Emblica officinalis as in Phytolec promotes collagen synthesis. Thus it is an effective herb for skin health and bone strength. This can be enhanced by nutrients that can promote energy to regenerate and repair tissues such as Coenzyme forte and alpha Lipoic acid as in SL Alpha Lipoic Acid. These nutrients together with galangal may protect us from heart attacks and stroke.

Assimilation of proteins and nutrients need to be enhanced with bitters such as vermouth elixir and bertram. Bertram…

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