Leaf to Life - Diary

I was told by my dentist to see him every 6 months. I never did.
I have not seen a dentist for nearly 20 years and my gums are still healthy and strong.

The secret – herbs. This is why I listed Herbs as the 1st Sacred Letter of Wellness in my book From Leaf to Life. One of the most effective ways to keep your gums healthy is to drink herbal tea daily such as organic thyme, calendula or the herbs in Phytocel™. Click: http://slnaturopath.com/products/anti-aging-herbals/phytocel/.

Drinking herbal tea is not only relaxing and healthy but strengthens your gums at the same time. Note: Please do not use any commercial mouthwash because they may contain cancer –causing chemicals.

As written in my book, you can further strengthens your gums with sesame oil gargle or diluted sage tincture and cold water rinse in the morning.

In this way, you save money…

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