Desinformation at it’s best


July 21, 2013

video update here:


ANOTHER false “HAARP closed” story has resurfaced.

July 15, 2013 — the ARRL (amateur radio site) put out an article saying HAARP has closed due to “budget” issues, and not meeting “clean air act” standards due to “diesel generators”.

Here is the false story from the ARRL :

arrl bunk 1


Notice, the above article is written by an anonymous person (no name listed).

The false ARRL article also claims that HAARP shut down in May !

Where have we heard that before?   Someone else actually started THAT false story back on May 8, 2013 — the false story was started by Suspicious0bservers — whole story on that here:

bunk haarp decommission

haarp decommissioned 2013 lol


So, we have the ARRL article referencing the original bogus report by Suspicious0bservers from May, in addition to the false May shutdown information, adding in BS about Diesel Generators / Clean Air…

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