Leaf to Life - Diary

Attached are 2 of my slides presented at the recent International Conference on Sports and Exercise medicine (2013) held in Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia for health care professionals. I was speaking on Phytotherapy for soft tissue injuries as compared to modern medicine. 

Practically every doctors in this conference speaks on how to repair injuries with surgery, joint replacement, physiotherapy for joints recovery and no one was talking about degeneration of joints and prevention. Initially the conference committee hesitated to invite me as my focus is on the drug less way. Thankfully, they did. Looks like they wanted a more broad perspective in this area. I congratulates their courage and the openness of the doctors in KL. 


For those who exercise (which is good in moderation) very often and particularly for those who are sports men and women (dancers, runners, swimmers etc.), phytomedicine offers protection in joint degeneration, prevention of injuries…

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