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                                                 24 HOURS OLDSCHOOL RITUAL
360* panoramic Open Air Dancefloor + International top performers + k&F full power soundsystem

                   video mapping + restaurant + progressive-chill-bar + free sleeping places

A unique alpine concert of JUNO REACTOR and the 25 year-anniversary
Our residentals since the early 90’s RASTALIENS in a stunning 1.5h – live performance
The pioneers of Goa Trance PRANA live-Oldschool at its best!
Out of the wild SOUTHWILD Jay alien, Canada
The Dark Prince ULTIMATE XPERIENCE incredible DJ set
Our well known japanese hero TSUYOSHI SUZUKI, founder of Matsuri Prod.
Our Grandfather of Psychedelic MARTIN DAT-Jockey-Master in a 3h short-DAT-set
Side project of invisible Warriors DARK MANTRA The live mix of psy and forest
Long underestimated ARGETORIX but Quickly convinced
Underground BUSHBABA live, rawa Rec.
Spacedreams founder FLUGWETTER Progressive DJ Set
No words needed DALTON trance teleport
Chill out project KAYA Ralph Alien sideproject
Progressive Love MAUS & MEL aphonixrec.
Techno MITURA man of the first hour

                              gute Kleider, warme Schuhe, Schlafsack mitnehmen

   Vvk: 75/85 Sfr / Ak: 100 Sfr / Gondel siehe / infos:

   Seit Anbeginn der Zeit gelten rituelle Tänze als Tor zur Seele und zur spirituellen Kraft des Lebens.
       Über Jahrhunderte in Vergessenheit geraten offenbarte sich Ende des letzten Jahrtausends
die spirituelle Kraft des TranceTanzes. Der Tanz in die Seele öffnet die Verbindung zum göttlichen
Kosmos und bringt Raum und Zeit zum Stillstand. Das Licht unserer Herzen wird zum Licht der Welt.

                                                          ! Liebe Kinder des Lichts !
Zum 25ten Mal laden wir euch ein, mit der „Space-Ark“ in die unendliche Weite
des Unterbewussten zu stechen und das Licht eurer Herzen in den göttlichen Kosmos zu tragen.



Allah am Gotthard
„Derwische am Gotthard – was bedeutet das für die Identität unseres Landes? Eine Nationalrätin wollte es von oberster Stelle wissen. Und landete im Heu.“

       […]“The Sanskrit name is comprised of the words Rudra (another name for Lord Shiva) and akha (“eyes”). Also know as “the eyes of Lord Shiva”.

The Rudraksha bead is said to originally come from  Shiva’s tears.   According to mythology, Lord Shiva was said to have spent 1000 years in meditation for the benefit of all beings, and upon opening his eyes, tear drops rolled down from his eyes and landed upon the earth taking birth as the sacred Rudraksha tree.

It is said that the Rudraksha evolved from the eyes of Lord Shiva, with Rudra being another name for Lord Shiva and Aksha meaning eyes. Aksha also refers to the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet- called Varna- and as such, can be inferred as a seed in which a group of Sanskrit letters called Varna reside.

The eye of Rudra 9Shiva) is considered to be the most potent manifestation of the Cosmic Force. Hence, the Rudraksha is the object of veneration and also the source to reach the higher self. Rudraksha is often believed to symbolize the link between the earth and the heaven.“[…]

by Joshua J. Mark
published on 26 July 2016″

„Thoth is the Egyptian god of writing, magic, wisdom, and the moon. He was one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt alternately said to be self-created or born of the seed of Horus from the forehead of Set. As the son of these two deities, who represented order and chaos respectively, he was also the god of equilibrium and balance and associated closely with both the principle of ma’at (divine balance) and the goddess Ma’at who personified this principle (and who was sometimes seen as his wife). Another of his consorts was the goddess Nehemetawy (‚She Who Embraces Those In Need“) a protector goddess. In his form as A’an, Thoth presided over the judgment of the dead with Osiris in the Hall of the Truth and those souls who feared they might not pass through the judgment safely were encouraged to call upon Thoth for help. The consort most often associated with Thoth was Seshat, goddess of writing, the keeper of books, and patron goddess of libraries and librarians who was alternately his wife or daughter.“

Abridgement of:
by Joshua J. Mark
published on 26 July 2016″

Read on full text here:

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