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Insulin ( original link in comments ): In 1922, at the University of Toronto, scientists went
 to a hospital ward with children who were comatose
 and dying from diabetic keto-acidosis. Imagine a
 room full of parents sitting at the bedside waiting for
 the inevitable death of their child. The scientists went
 from bed to bed and injected the children with the
 new purified extract insulin. As they began to inject
 the last comatose child, the first child injected began
 to awaken. One by one, all of the children awoke
 from their diabetic comas. A room of death and
 gloom, became a place of joy and hope.
Insulin ( original link in comments )

Belinda S. Lennerz, Anna Barton, Richard K. Bernstein, R. David Dikeman, Carrie Diulus, Sarah Hallberg, Erinn T. Rhodes, Cara B. Ebbeling, Eric C. Westman, William S. Yancy and David S. Ludwig Pediatrics June 2018, 141 (6) e20173349; DOI:

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„In the Beginning

The first attempt at a “portable” insulin pump was made back in the 1960s by Dr. Arnold Kadish, a private doctor in Beverly Hills, CA. His backpack-sized contraption (pictured below) was in some ways years ahead of its time, ambitiously seeking to act as an artificial pancreas—which is still considered to be the holy grail of this field—through a closed-loop insulin delivery system consisting of an adapted lab Autoanalyser to measure blood glucose, a venous blood circuit and a servo-mechanism pump. While this represented an important proof-of-concept, the system’s size, complexity and its dependance on intravenous access made it impractical.

Kadish artificial pancreas from 1960s

Kadish artificial pancreas from 1960s


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Covid-Abstimmungs-Büchlein: Wo ist „Art. 1a“? Zusatzparagraph für Virus-Gesetz fehlt in den Unterlagen für Urnengang vom 13. Juni. Gemerkt hat es kein Politiker, sondern ein Anwalt.

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